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Pixie Crew Wallet / Dino


Pixie Crew Wallet

  • Practical wallet made of durable neoprene with a silicone panel.
    The velcro closure prevents possible loss of the contents of the wallet.
    The interior space is divided into several parts: a zippered pocket for coins, a space for banknotes or receipts and two pockets made of transparent foil suitable for credit cards, identification or photos.
    Low weight and material practical for maintenance are other added values ​​of the product.
    Color and originality are especially appreciated by children and students.
    Equip your child with a stylish wallet with the unique silicone PIXIE CREW creative panel TM, on which he can put his own picture! A blue silicone panel of size 15×15 points is located on the front and back of the wallet. So you have 216 positions available for an infinite number of motifs for every day thanks to PIXIES (pixels) that you can take off and exchange for others at any time. We include a package of approximately 100 small PIXIES and a mini gallery for inspiration with each wallet for free. You can also get inspiration from pixiecrewgallery . For unlimited image creation, we recommend the additional purchase of small PIXIES, which we offer in 24 colors, or PIXIES with letters or multipixels (pixel size 2×2 points) with images.
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Διαστάσεις 11 × 3 × 16 cm