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Pixie Crew Universal Pouch / Grey


Pixie Universal Pouch

  • Multi-purpose case for everyday use.
    The case with motifs of our bestseller, green-brown cubes reminiscent of the world-famous computer game Minecraft, is made of a combination of silicone and practical neoprene, which protects the contents of the case from bumps and falls.
    Very easy to maintain, just wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.
    The case can be closed with a zip at the top and a carabiner is attached to the side.
    The inner space is suitable for small daily necessities such as cosmetics, credit cards, money, keys and other small items.
    On the front side is a unique green silicone PIXIE CREW creative panel TM gray colors, a 10 x 10 point square. So you have 97 positions available for an infinite number of motifs for every day thanks to PIXIES (pixels) that you can take off and exchange for others at any time. With each case we include a pack of 30 small black pixels to build the CREEPER’s face. For unlimited image creation, we recommend the additional purchase of small PIXIES, which we offer in 24 colors, or PIXIES with letters or multipixels (pixel size 2×2 points) with images.
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